Install applications from anywhere

Install applications from anywhere

It has surely happened to you that, when you download an application from the Internet, your Mac won't let you install it, since it doesn't have any authorized permission. This is a measure: security, but that complicates us WHEN we know that it is a reliable program.

There is a way to Install Third Party Applications on your Mac.: Therefore, today we are going to teach you HOW to do it step by step. Before you begin, make sure you downloaded the program from its official site.

Go to System Preferences and then Security and Privacy. There, you will see that only the option to install applications is enabled from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

To authorize the installation of the application that interests us, we are going to click on the padlock that you will see at the bottom of the left screen. We will be asked to indicate our User Password.

Once unlocked, we will select the Any Site box. You will be asked to Confirm Our decision, click on Allow from ANY site.

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