SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10 v10.2.8.1

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10 v10.2.8.1

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10


Publisher: Ichikawa Soft Laboratory

Languages: English, French, German, More...

Compatibility: OS 10.9 or later

Category: Photography

File size: 110 MB

Developer Website

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10 is the best photo adjustment software as an adjustment tool to finish a nice-looking photo for blogs and SNS, and printing and finishing uncompromised works. The "Composite" function and a total of 66 preset "Tastes" make it possible to create new photo expressions. In addition, an ISL exclusive technology that allow you to adjust your JPEG images with high quality and a lot of adjustments, such as the Partial correction tool, that is able to correct designating areas, are strongly supports your creations.

Adjust JPEG data to high quality photos
• The ISL exclusive technology
Although JPEG data uses 8 bit (256 gradations) gradation, it is automatically expanded to 16 bit (65,536 gradations) using SILKYPIX RAW Bridge. Therefore, it can be adjusted in a state close to RAW data. By treating JPEG data in a similar way to RAW data, high gradation rich image quality adjustment is possible.

Equipped with a variety of functions that extend the possibilities of photos
It is equipped with a variety of functions, including the "Compositing function" that enables the creation of a world view that cannot be expressed from a single image, the "Negative film inversion tool" that can easily convert negative film images taken by your film camera into positive images, and the new Noise reduction "Fine detail" mode that strongly removes noise while leaving detail. It enables unprecedented photo expression.

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