LaunchBar v6.13

LaunchBar v6.13


LaunchBar 6

Version: 6.13

Updated: 01/09/2020

Publisher: Objective Development

Languages: English, German

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Category: Lifestyle

File size: 18 MB

Developer Website

Keep your hands on the keyboard
• Start with a single keyboard shortcut to access and control every aspect of your digital life.

An adaptive app launcher and document browser.
• Access applications, documents, bookmarks and more by typing short abbreviations.

Your personal digital assistant.
• Manage events and reminders.
• Access your contacts.

A powerful file manager.
• Browse the file system, query file metadata.
• Copy, move or rename files and folders.

Google Drive

macOS Big Sur:
• Added support for macOS Big Sur.
• Refined the default theme to blend nicely with the new appearance of macOS Big Sur.

• Re-implemented Music Library indexing.
• Added compatibility with on macOS Catalina.
• Songs and albums are now displayed with their album artwork.
• Updated Music playback actions.

Search Templates:
• Improved management of search templates. There’s now a set of built-in, non-editable search templates, which are kept up to date automatically. And there’s another, separate set of "Custom Search • • Templates" where you can define your own web searches.
• Updated built-in search templates.
• Added "All Music" search template (
• Added "Ecosia" and "Ecosia Images" search templates (
• Added German localization of search template names.

Search window:
• Improved browsing of sub-search results. When browsing "backwards" (with the left arrow key), a previous sub-search result is preserved.
• Improved handling of empty groups in item list.
• Improved automatic display of subtitles in item list during browsing.

• Updated and improved image conversion actions (rotate, flip, resize, compress, etc.). They are now better chainable with subsequent actions - the resulting images can be immediately sent to another action.
• Improved help texts of all built-in actions.
• A brief description of each action is now displayed in the action’s subtitle.
• Updated "Search Dash" action.

Improvements and bug fixes:
• Some significant "under the hood" modernization of the entire codebase.
• Improved conversion of filename extension to lowercase when renaming a file. The conversion is now performed only if the entire extension is uppercase (example: .JPG → .jpg)
• Reorganized sidebar in index window.
• Improved compatibility with third-party apps trying to figure out if screen recording is allowed.
• Fixed an occasional crash when typing a menu keyboard shortcut.
• Fixed an issue when indexing Finder tags which could result in duplicate tags.
• Fixed: Opening JavaScript files in Action Editor opened them in Safari.

• Release notes are not available.

Google Drive

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