Screenotate v3.0.0

Screenotate v3.0.0



Version: 3.0.0

Updated: 31/08/2020

Publisher: Omar Rizwan

Languages: English

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Category: Utilities

File size: 25 MB

Developer Website

Do you take lots of screenshots?

Do you often find yourself retyping text that's stuck inside an image? Have you ever spent hours trying to find something where you know you sent someone a screenshot of it a while back?

Screenotate is an app for macOS and Windows that might help you with your screenshots. Every time you take a screenshot, Screenotate steps in to recognize and save the text inside (using Optical Character Recognition), along with the URL and the title of the place where you took the screenshot (where possible).

And because Screenotate does all this automatically, you don't need to learn anything new to use it! Once you install Screenotate, you can keep taking screenshots the same way you always have – one keyboard shortcut and drag – only now, they'll be tagged with all this extra information, so you can search them later, and know where they're from, and paste their text into other places.

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Google Drive

• "Take screenshot and copy text" key shortcut: Immediately copies the recognized text to your clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere.
• Multilanguage support: you can now recognize text in 100+ languages! You can download new languages in Screenotate's Preferences.
• Radically faster and more reliable search: Search now happens basically in real time as you type each character. The search engine has been completely rewritten to use a custom index instead of Mac Spotlight, so you can now search for exact phrases in quotes, use Boolean operators, and much more.
• Improved support for macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 10.15 Catalina: fixed problems with licensing and fixed problems with system permissions (which sometimes blocked Screenotate from recording the screen and grabbing contextual info from other apps). Dropped support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed bug on newer versions of macOS where screenshots would sometimes not appear in the Screenotate menu after being taken.
• You can now drag multiple screenshots in a row into a chat (or other target) without the newest drag overwriting all the old ones.
• The background of the Screenotate menu shouldn't glitch anymore.
• Dragging screenshots now drags them roughly from the mouse point instead of from the center, so they won't clip off the top of your screen (and the drag feels more seamless).

• Performance improvements: Scrolling through the search pane is much more responsive. Screenotate doesn't take as much memory if you have a lot of screenshots in your menu.
• URLs are now recognized from Firefox windows as well as Safari and Chrome.

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