Patternodes 2 v2.3.3

Patternodes 2 v2.3.3


Patternodes 2

Version: 2.3.3

Updated: 28/08/2020

Publisher: lost minds

Languages: English, French, German, More...

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later

Category: Graphics and Design

File size: 22 MB

Developer Website

Patternodes is a tool for creating graphical vector patterns, animations or illustrations. This is done using a node-based interface where you define a sequence of connected nodes that describe the design, each representing graphical elements, changes or repetitions. You might call this a sort of parametric design or visual scripting for 2d applications.

The node sequence is completely non-destructive, so you can change any step in the sequence at any time without having to redo the rest. The parameters that control each node can also be connected to other nodes, establishing complex relationships, or animated to create animations.

Patternodes is designed from the start to stimulate playful use and experimentation. Therefore the result is always shown in the preview view, repeated for patterns and updating in real time.

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• Improved quality for exported h264 compressed video files.
• Some minor macOS 11 compatibility changes.
• Added a setting controlling if a new document should be opened at startup.
• Fixed some issues with exporting to filenames with spaces in them.
• Fixed Little Snitch internet access policy so it now properly describes the purpose of update and license check connections.
• Fixed incorrect error message when entering incorrect license details.
• Improved technical info and error logs for support and bug reports.
• Updated Sparkle updating framework.

• Improvements to adding and removing nodes on value or color connections.
• Improvements to connection preview (right-click connections) for graphics connections and color connections.
• You can now reuse the same random value by linking one parameter to a random value node, and then others to that parameter. A new sample file 'Reusing random values' showing this added.
• The Group Arrange node can now be applied to selected elements only and move these to the front or back of the group.
• In all change nodes apply to random selection now lets you offset this random selection.
• Re-structured and cleaned up the preferences panel, removing some old redundant settings.
• Updates to manual and sample files (Find them in the Help menu).
• Fixes a bug with the Align node align group elements left and top.
• Fixes a bug where math nodes converted from other value nodes would not work properly.
• Fixes a bug where automatic spacing calculations would not update automatically when the artboard size was changed by a connected value node.
• Fixes interface problems for macOS 10.14 users with dark mode.

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