Panzer Paladinv1.0 [NSP]

Panzer Paladinv1.0 [NSP]

Panzer Paladin

Panzer Paladin

Version: 1.0

Updated: 21/07/2020

ID: 01004AE0108E0000

Players: 1 player

Genre: Platformer, Action, Adventure

Publisher: Tribute Games

Languages: Japanese, German, Italian, More...

Format: NSP

Required firmware: 10.0.2 CFW

File size: 261 MB

Play Modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld

Hop in the Paladin power armor, seize melee weapons from the demonic invaders and give them a taste of their own medicine!

The sinister Ravenous and his legions of brutal demons are poised for battle. The situation is dire, but humanity has one final ace in the hole: the Panzer Paladin!

It's up to a rescue android named Flame to pilot the Paladin and track down all the diabolical Weapon Keepers. The showdown between the forces of the occult and the power of cutting-edge technology has begun!

Seize weapons from the demonic invaders and use your swordsmanship to slash, bash and thrust your way through 17 mind-blowing levels! Hop in your Paladin and take up arms!

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