WebScraper v4.14.2

WebScraper v4.14.2



Version: 4.14.2

Publisher: Peacock Media

Languages: English

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later

Category: Utilities

File size: 5 MB

Developer Website

Scrape data or archive content from a website.

• Fast and easy to scan and screen-scrape a site.
• Can use different IP, user-agent etc for each request via the ProxyCrawl service.
• A native MacOS application, runs on your desktop.
• Plenty of ways to extract data; various meta data, content (as text, html or markdown), elements with certain classes / ids, regular expression.
• Easy to export data - choose the columns you want.
• Output data as csv or json.
• Options to download all images to a folder / collect and export all links.
• Option to output a single text file (designed for archiving text content, markdown or plain text).
• Plenty of options / configuration.

03/09/2020 |  Versión: 4.13.10 |  Link: Google Drive

• Improvements to crawling engine, particularly with regard to image discovery; now finds image urls within inline styles

Google Drive

• Adds support for charset=GBK, charset=koi8-r, charset=euc-kr and some other Latin and non-Latin character encodings.
• Some changes to licensing functionality; a fairly major update to the Paddle licensing framework and Webscraper's program flow at startup, but should be invisible to the user.

Google Drive

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