PowerPhotos v1.8.5

PowerPhotos v1.8.5



Version: 1.8.5

Updated: 28/08/2020

Publisher: Fat Cat Software

Languages: English

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later

Category: Utilities

File size: 25 MB

Developer Website

PowerPhotos works with the built-in Photos app on your Mac, providing an array of tools to help you get your photo collection in order.

Create and manage multiple libraries
The main windowInstead of being limited to putting all your photos in a single library, PowerPhotos can work with multiple Photos libraries, giving you many more options for how to organize your ever growing photo collection.

Splitting your photos between multiple libraries helps Photos open more quickly, lets you archive older photos, store some of your collection on an external hard drive, and reduce storage space used by iCloud Photo Library.

Copy photos and their metadata
The main windowYou can split your library by copying albums and photos with a simple drag and drop. PowerPhotos will take care of copying the photos and retaining their metadata, including keywords, descriptions, titles, dates, and favorite status. Read more about what PowerPhotos can copy.

Google Drive

• Improved progress display during long duplicate searches
• Fixed a bug where excluding the PowerPhotos duplicate trash from a duplicate search wouldn’t work
• Improved the error message shown when trying to copy a library to a disk without enough free space
• Fixes a bug where calculating an album’s size would use unnecessary CPU
• Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause PowerPhotos to crash on launch when iCloud Photos with “Optimize Mac Storage” option is enabled
• Added a criterion to choose duplicate keepers based on whether the photo is a Live Photo

• iPhoto libraries can now be removed from the migration list
• Disabled photo titles and favorite badges by default to improve scrolling performance
• Fixed a bug where disabling “Display Photo Titles” would still show titles on some photos
• The album list now displays properly on the macOS Big Sur developer seed
• Work around a Photos error when trying to copy a photo that was migrated from an Aperture library that had previews disabled
• Fixed a crash that could occur when reloading a library when certain photos were selected in the photo browser
• For multi library duplicate searches, we now include which library each photo came from in the log file
• We now display an error message when trying to migrate an iPhoto library stored on a network drive
• Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing certain photo libraries on macOS 10.15
• Prevent some unnecessary recalculation of library sizes

Google Drive

• You can now delete photos directly from a library using PowerPhotos by pressing command-delete (macOS Catalina only)
• Added a new option when deleting duplicates to repopulate any albums that had photos removed with the corresponding keeper photos (macOS Catalina only)
• Improved the default duplicate keeper rule to include several criteria
• Added a new duplicate criterion to choose photos based on whether they’ve been edited or not
• Added a new builtin duplicate rule for keeping RAW photos
• Added tooltips to the duplicate keeper popup menu items to easily see each rule’s criteria
• We no longer include a “Keep photos in library X” rule when only searching a single library for duplicates
• Improve progress bar display during the “Loading Photos” phase of a duplicate search
• Fixed a few memory leaks in the photo browser
• Fixed a memory leak when browsing duplicate photos

Google Drive

• We now show the correct photos for smart albums with a “Date is/is not in the last X years” rule
• Fixed a problem where the in-app store window wouldn’t load on the first try
• In cases where Photos hangs upon displaying its “What’s New in Photos” screen during a merge, copy, or duplicate search, we detect this and prompt the user to dismiss the screen manually
• Fixed an issue where PowerPhotos would be unable to relaunch Photos if it crashed during a merge in some cases
• Fixed a crasher when merging certain libraries with missing file references
• Fixed an error that could occur when loading a library with photos that have no date assigned to them

Google Drive

• Added Touch Bar support
• Added the ability to copy all photos from a burst instead of just the selected photo
• Added support for preserving manually assigned locations when copying photos
• Added a menu item to create a new album from a selection of photos in the PowerPhotos image browser
• Hidden photos can now be copied between libraries
• When a burst photo is selected, the info pane now shows the number of photos in the burst
• After collecting duplicate photos into an album, we now select that album in the Photos app
• When using the “Copy edited JPGs” setting for copying photos, we now fall back to the original if the edited JPG is missing on disk
• • PowerPhotos can now detect and copy the original HEIC versions of photos in the system photo library
• Handle a new edge case relaunching Photos after it crashes during a merge


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