BetterZip 5 v5.0.3

BetterZip 5 v5.0.3

BetterZip 5

BetterZip 5

Version: 5.0.3

Updated: 03/09/2020

Publisher: MacItBetter

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, More...

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Category: Utilities

File size: 17 MB

Developer Website

BetterZip is a handy compression tool, which makes it a breeze to both unzip files on Mac and compress them within seconds. The app brings your universe of files to your fingertips, organizing it all beautifully. It supports more than 30 archive formats, so it won’t be a problem for you to open or compress any files. With so many rich features on offer, BetterZip makes a wonderful option for anyone who needs to work with a number of files and archives on a consistent basis. Delete the unnecessary files right in the archives, preview with Quick Look, rename or move files or folders there - no need to recompress!

Convenient ZIP file reader and manager
Create archives of popular formats, unzip them with ease. Browse, modify, add, update ZIP files or any other formats. Delete a file or several ones directly in your archive. Yes, that is so easy and fast - no unzipping is needed.

Over 30 archive formats support + ISO extractor
Check and get files from different disc image files. It supports major compression formats, such as RAR, ZIP, 7-ZIP, and ISO, plus also the not so common ones, not to mention SIT/SITX and winmail.dat files. Easily compress ZIP files, open 7z mac. Manage any archive formats with ease.

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• Release notes are not available.

• Opening certain types of zip archives could crash BetterZip.
• The volume size setting in presets for the rar format could lead to problems when the size was greater than the actual archive.
• Prevent a crash when extracting files while they were already extracted for the preview.
• The encoding detection for Windows zip files didn’t always work correctly.
• BetterZip no longer trims whitespace characters in the filename patterns in presets.
• Automator, AppleScript: When extracting with a preset, the settings for conflict resolution were ignored and when the preset was set to show the save panel, it stopped the worklflow.
• After a compression Automator action, BetterZip quit too fast for Automator, possibly breaking workflows. I have added a short delay to allow Automator to continue.
• Extracting individual files that had previously been previewed could take longer than expected or even hang completely.
• Sometimes the __MACOSX folder was not hidden regardless of the option in the View menu.

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• The Finder extension got a new BetterZip menu item which puts all your presets and places in the Finder’s contextual menu. Select some files in Finder, right-click and choose one of your presets from the contextual menu to create an archive with these files. Of course, you can also invoke any of your extraction presets on selected archives.
• Drag and Drop modernized: Drag items from an archive directly to other apps, e.g., Transmit. And when you drag items to the Desktop or Finder windows with icon view, the items will (finally!) be placed where you dropped them.
• Redesigned “Delete with pattern”: Firstly, BetterZip 5 lets you invoke your favorite patterns from the toolbar or menu. Secondly, you can now review which files are going to be deleted and tweak the list before actually deleting anything.
• BetterZip 5 lets you delete all Mac specific files from an archive with a toolbar button click or menu command. And you can purge all empty folders from your archive.
• Added support (compression and extraction) for Apple disk images (DMG), Zstandard, and Brotli.
• The “Replace File” dialog no longer blocks all other operations and you can now quick-look the two files for a last visual check.
• BetterZip now lets you save all the settings in the save panel as a preset. Use the new gear button for this. Loading presets has been moved to this button as well.

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