Airflow v3.1.9u1

Airflow v3.1.9u1



Version: 3.1.9u1

Publisher: BitCave

Languages: English

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later

Category: Streaming

File size: 32 MB

Developer Website

Watch local content on Apple TV and Chromecast

No waiting, no indexing, just drag, drop and watch.

It really doesn't get any easier.

Sophisticated and unique video processing pipeline...
The heart of Airflow. It ensures best possible video quality with lowest CPU load.

How? Airflow transparently remuxes videos that can be remuxed and transcodes videos that need to be transcoded. Transcoding is hardware accelerated if your computer supports it. Sounds too technical? That's why we built Airflow. It hides all those pesky details and just worksTM.

16/08/2020 |  Versión: 3.1.8 |  Link: Google Drive

19/07/2020 |  Version: 3.1.7 |  Link: Google Drive

10/04/2020 |  Version: 2.4.5 |  Link: Google Drive

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