Soulver 3 v3.4.6

Soulver 3 v3.4.6

Soulver 3

Soulver 3

Version: 3.4.6

Updated: 29/07/2020

Seller: Zac Cohan

Compatibility: macOS 10.14.4 or later

Languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese

Category: Productivity

Website: Developer Website

Do you ever grab a calculator & the back of an envelope to work through an idea or problem that involves some math?

This is what Soulver is for. You do the thinking, Soulver will do the number crunching for you.

With Soulver, you can work through your idea or problem line-by-line, using text and numbers together (just like you would on paper).

When Soulver sees something it can calculate, it will display the answer alongside your text.

You kinda have to try it to get it, but once you do, Soulver will become an invaluable part of your problem-solving toolkit.

28/06/2020 |  Version: 3.4.4 |  Link: Google Drive

25/05/2020 |  Version: 3.4.2 |  Link: Google Drive

10/04/2020 |  Versión: 3.3.1 |  Link: Google Drive

06/04/2020 |  Versión: 3.3.0 |  Link: Google Drive

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