SiteSucker v3.2.3

SiteSucker v3.2.3



Version: 3.2.3

Updated: 24/08/2020

Publisher: Richard Cranisky

Languages: English, French, German, More...

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later

Category: Utilities

File size: 3 MB

Developer Website

SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by asynchronously copying the site's webpages, images, PDFs, style sheets, and other files to your local hard drive, duplicating the site's directory structure.

SiteSucker can be used to make local copies of Web sites. By default, SiteSucker "localizes" the files it downloads, allowing you to browse a site offline, but it can also download sites without modification.

08/07/2020 |  Version: 3.2.1 |  Link: Google Drive

29/06/2020 |  Version: 3.2.0 |  Link: Google Drive

22/07/2018 |  Version: 2.11.6 |  Link: Google Drive

05/06/2018 |  Version: 2.11.5 |  Link: Google Drive

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