Downie 3

Seller: Charlie Monroe
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Ever wished you could save a video from the Internet? Search no more, Downie is what you're looking for. Easily download videos from thousands of different sites.

What's New

Version History

• Many thanks to Mathieu for his incredible help in translating Downie to French!
• New: When there are multiple audio tracks within HLS Streams, Downie will now ask you which to download instead of selecting the default track.
• New: You can now manually download additional subtitles after the download is already finished via the contextual menu of a download.
• Improved:,,,,,,
• Improved: Cleaning up temporary files.


Developer Website: Downie
Updated: 10 Jul 2018
Version: 3.3.9
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later MacOS 10.12 Sierra
MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
, 64-bit processor
Languages: Multilingual
Size: 36 Mb
Files: Downie 3.pkg


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